Migrant Help celebrates Refugee Week 2015.

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Refugee Week 2015

A variety of events took place across the Migrant Help network during this year’s Refugee Week. We’ve hosted a football tournament, art therapy sessions, community days, nail pampering sessions as well as an African music concert.

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Who is Migrant Help?

Migrant Help is a UK charity that has over 50 years experience of delivering support and advice services to migrants in the UK. We provide individuals with the resources and support they need to find safety, access appropriate services and information and develop greater independence. Migrant Help provides a wide range of services across the UK working with the following client groups:

  • New asylum claimants and refugees
  • EU nationals
  • Foreign national prisoners
  • Victims of modern day slavery (human trafficking)

Our History

Migrant Help was founded as a charity in 1963 by Helen Ellis (MBE) and originally known as the Kent Committee for the Welfare of Migrants. It was established to give support to the high number of vulnerable migrants arriving through the ports of Kent. It quickly expanded to meet the needs of other migrants across the UK.

Over the years Migrant Help has become a flexible and responsive service provider, helping migrants in the UK whenever and wherever it can. During the 1990’s Migrant Help became a significant contract holder to deliver support services to asylum seekers and refugees. In 2008 we began to deliver support services and assistance to victims of human trafficking in Scotland, Northern Ireland and England and Wales.

Today, Migrant Help is a national charity and a leading provider of support services to asylum seekers, victims of human trafficking and other migrants across the UK.

Migrant Help’s Vision

Our vision is for a global society that protects migrants, treats them with respect and enables them to become successful members of their communities.

Migrant Help’s Statement of Purpose

Migrant Help is committed to delivering support, advice and accommodation services to improve the lives of migrants and victims of modern day slavery in the UK. We provide these individuals with the resources and the support they need to find safety, access appropriate services and information, develop greater independence and become successful, active and contributing members of the community.

Migrant Help is a non-campaigning organisation that channels all its resources into supporting clients and working within communities to increase the public’s understanding of them. Migrant Help is an independent charity that works closely with voluntary, private and statutory partners to ensure that we can best meet our clients’ needs. We understand the need for transparency and effective communication in order to address the complex range of issues presented within this arena.

Migrant Help’s Values

Protection: we believe everyone deserves to feel safe and have their human rights protected.

Diversity: we respect and celebrate everyone’s individual experience and ensure inclusion is at the heart of our work.

Equality: we believe in fairness and equality of opportunity. This is central to everything we do.

Partnership: we are committed to working in partnership and with all those who help us achieve our vision.

Innovation: we are committed to embracing new ways of working that deliver ever more effective services.

Excellence: we are dedicated to providing the best quality services and achieving the highest standard of client care.

Today Migrant Help is a national charity giving advice and support to different migrant groups across the UK.